What is Affiliate Gathering?

The biggest gathering of its kind!

Not Huge Scary SEO Conference

Network, Learn & Be Inspired!

“Great chance to talk shop and meet people in a similar space!”

Working from home on my websites on my own I know first hand how lonely and sometimes difficult it can be to get motivated and to learn how to reach my goals.  This is one of the main reasons I created Affiliate Gathering was to bring together people who are doing the same thing so they can connect, inspire and learn from each other.

“Affiliate Gathering is not a huge scary seo conference”

With a maximum of 400 people at AG23 across 7 rooms you won’t feel overwhelmed by big crowds, hard sales or feeling you have to take part in anything you don’t want to. Our attendees are real people in the affiliate marketing space all at a different part of their journey. 

“I find it very motivating being around people and hearing stories from people who are making money online”

I cannot stress enough the importance of connecting and sharing wherever you are in your journey, with 95% of 2022 attendees saying they will be back for 2023 I am not the only one that thinks so.

So make sure you don’t miss out on this AMAZING day of making friends in the scene and invest in yourself by attending Affiliate Gathering 2023 19th May York, UK.

You will see me there make sure you come say HI.

Carl Broadbent

2023 Schedule

Main Stage

  • Arielle Phoenix

    Growth Hacking With AI

  • Jamie I.F

    So you’ve made your first $1,000.. Here’s how you scale it to $10K+/mo and beyond

  • Carolyn Shelby

    How to Thrive in Affiliate Marketing: Navigating the Ever-Changing Landscape of SEO

  • Panel Q & A

    Ask our experts your questions

  • Vahe Arabian

    Content re-usage and testing for better conversions and outcomes

  • Charles Kerr

    Niche Websites & Video: Assembling a Repurposing Machine

  • John Cole

    Publishing on the Cutting Edge without Falling Off

Workshop 1

  • Jen Stanbrook

    The 5 Essentials of Pinterest Marketing in 2023

  • Mediavine

    Future-Proof Your Business With Mediavine

  • WP Eagle & Spidrweb

    Tips and tricks for optimizing your website theme to maximise your revenue

Workshop 2

  • Ben Arthur

    Why 96.5% Of YouTube Channels Fail (And How You Can Make It)

  • Motion Invest

    Buy vs Build a Website and 3 Ways Purchasers are Seeing Huge Increases in Earnings

  • Odys

    How to maximize the potential of aged domains

  • Digitaloft

    Digital PR for Niche Sites: How to Consistently Earn Links from the Press

Ezoic Workshop

  • Ezoic

    CLICK TO BOOK – Using AI to Accelerate Your Video Strategy

  • Ezoic

    CLICK TO BOOK – Using AI to Accelerate Your Video Strategy

  • Ezoic

    CLICK TO BOOK – Using AI to Accelerate Your Video Strategy

  • Ezoic

    CLICK TO BOOK – Using AI to Accelerate Your Video Strategy

  • Ezoic

    CLICK TO BOOK – Using AI to Accelerate Your Video Strategy

  • Ezoic

    CLICK TO BOOK – Using AI to Accelerate Your Video Strategy



    Mads has more than 10 years of experience in Fortune 500 companies and more than 10 years of experience coaching and consulting online entrepreneurs. Mads currently owns and runs 7 companies, and manages more than 300 people, he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

Meet the speakers


    An SEO expert since 2009, transitioned from cubicles to building profitable websites. With peak earnings of $20K/month and a love for travel, her journey from MBA to entrepreneur blends business savvy with wanderlust


    Tony has been managing niche websites since 2005, with a keen interest in driving traffic through SEO, Google Discover, and Pinterest.

2023 Exhibitors

Latest news

  • First Speakers Announced for AG24

    First Speakers Announced for AG24

    The momentum for the Affiliate Gathering 2024 is building up, and we’re thrilled to reveal the first batch of expert speakers who will be enlightening us with their wealth of knowledge and expertise!

  • Exciting Updates for Affiliate Gathering 2024

    Exciting Updates for Affiliate Gathering 2024

    We’re buzzing with excitement and couldn’t wait to share the latest news about Affiliate Gathering 2024 (AG24). Here’s everything you need to know.

  • AG23 Video Playback LIVE!

    AG23 Video Playback LIVE!

    We are really pleased to announce the digital video copy of AG23 is fully available to purchase now showcasing all speakers and workshops with downloadable supporting slides. Be inspired and pick up some tips on how to make your affiliate marketing success. Pause and restart at your own pace and keep a track on your…

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