“An amazing day meeting like-minded people”

Affiliate Gathering UK

19th May 2023

Sponsored By Ezoic

The UK’s biggest gathering of content creators & niche website entrepreneurs

Let’s Chat Shop

The UK’s biggest gathering of content creators in the affiliate marketing & niche website community.

Let’s get together and talk shop. The Affiliate Gathering is a unique opportunity to meet like-minded people who actually get what you’re talking about!

Watch some top-class speakers with some great tips and awesome stories. Meet some of the businesses that support the scene and get to grips with some tools that will help grow your websites and most importantly make some new friends in the scene with whom you can share ideas, experiences, and tips over a drink at the bar.

Great chance to talk shop and meet people in a similar space!

“It’s hard to choose which session I found the best… I liked them all and made lots of notes. I liked the different angles each entrepreneur had in regards to the topic.”

Meet some of our sponsors


    CMO at Ezoic Tyler is an award-winning marketer that was featured on the cover of the September 15′ STL Biz Journal for his unique approaches to digital marketing and was included in the publications 30 Under 30 the same year.

Meet 2023 Speakers


    Carolyn Shelby was the co-founder of an Internet Service Provider in 1994, when the web was very new and there were few businesses with sites. After a successful exit, she worked for the Tribune Company as the Director of SEO for their daily newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, and the NY Daily News.


    Jamie is a 25 year old from London, he has built a £1-£2million value niche site portfolio since graduating from uni around 3 years ago – starting from a £100 investment in cheap hosting back in 2019. His portfolio of sites now make over $40,000 per month!

Exhibitors 2023

Latest news

  • Affiliate Socials Announced

    Affiliate Socials Announced

    As we lead upto the big day in York (ONLY 16 WEEKS!) we thought it might be nice to have a couple of social get togethers, a few drinks, chats and relaxed evenings.

  • UNLIMITED Tea & Coffee at AG23!

    UNLIMITED Tea & Coffee at AG23!

    We took onboard your feedback from our first event and I am so grateful to Mediavine for sponsoring this year (Happy new year by the way!) Affiliate Gathering by becoming the official refreshment sponsor.

  • NEW Speakers Added

    NEW Speakers Added

    I am really excited to announce the first batch of keynote speakers and workshop presenters we have confirmed joining us at Affiliate Gathering 2023 York, UK.

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