What is Affiliate Gathering?

The biggest gathering of its kind!

Hi, my name’s Carl

I’m a Youtuber, a full-time affiliate marketer, and most importantly, husband and father to three boys. I have been building blogs and websites now since 2018 when I got the chance to personally meet Ricky and Jim from Income School.

Since then, I never looked back. I now own 9 niche websites and an affiliate marketing business that brings in over $10,000 a month.

I don’t know about you, but I found it a very lonely place building my website at the start. And not many people understood what I was doing or how I earn my money. In fact, many of them just laughed. My wife still really doesn’t understand it 3.5 years later.

With everything that has been going on the past few years, I really wanted to get the chance to gather with my fellow affiliate community to chat shop with people who actually get what I am talking about! And meet some of the businesses and affiliate gurus in person. 

So, this is when Affiliate Gathering came to life! 

Together with some fellow affiliate marketing friends who work within the conference and events world, we launched our Affiliate Gathering in May 2022.  It will be held in my hometown the stunning historical town of York, here in the UK.

It will be the biggest gathering of its kind! 

This will be the beginning of our Affiliate Gathering community so make sure you sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with more gathering info.

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  • Ricky Kesler (Income School)

    Ricky Kesler is the owner and co-founder of Income School where he makes it his mission to help others provide a better income for themselves and their families through building online businesses.

Meet the speakers

  • Morten Storgaard (Passive Income Geek

    Morten builds content websites, teaches people about blogging and making money with passive income, and has a portfolio of sites that generates over 1 million visitors per month.

  • Alex Cooper (WP Eagle)

    WP Eagle uses his YouTube channel to teach the world about Affiliate Marketing by sharing educational videos and case studies. He’s helped over 55,000 subscribers learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing strategies and tips.

2023 Exhibitors

Latest news

  • 1st Batch of Exhibitors announced

    1st Batch of Exhibitors announced

    We have our first batch of exhibitors to announce! We have some great companies joining us on the day who will have people there for you to ask some of them burning questions you might have and to see how they can help you achieve your goals. More exhibitors being announced soon.



    I am extremely excited to announce that we have just confirmed our Headline Sponsor for Affiliate Gathering UK 2023 which will be the awesome Ezoic. I have worked with Ezoic for many years now and they have always been a massive advocate and support for the scene so I they are a great fit for us.

  • 50% Discount – Watch AG22 Videos

    50% Discount – Watch AG22 Videos

    Enrol now to watch back all the Affiliate Gathering speakers and workshops with a 50% discount for the next month.  Watch at your own pace, downloadable slides and other insights from AG22.

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