Stewart Vickers

Smash AI and Google Updates With 7 Figure Evergreen Empires 

Have you felt the pincer-like squeeze of competition from mass-generated AI content on one side, and a broken Google determined to phase out niche bloggers from all search results on the other?

Do you wish you had something to profitably sell in the mass of ads at the top of every search or have eager affiliates do the work for you in the Reddit posts underneath them? All with the convenience of affiliate marketing but the lion’s share of a product owner?

Hear how SEO Jesus Stewart Vickers thrives in this environment as he shares some of his opportunities and processes for building hands-off businesses that dominate Google and Generative Search – despite recent updates – without the competition of Forbes or the threat of AI annihilation.


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Smash AI and Google Updates With 7 Figure Evergreen Empires
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