What is Mediavine?



Let’s start with what we’re not: an ad network.

Ad networks are faceless organizations that place ads on your site, pay you and that’s it. You don’t know what they’re doing — or, more accurately, what they’re not doing.

Our goal is building sustainable businesses for content creators, which starts with full-service ad representation to help maximize the value of your site in every respect.

​​As an internet publisher since 2004, we know what advertisers want and how to best position your site accordingly. And we believe in creating solutions that work — in fact, everything we recommend we try first on our own sites.

Using technology developed and tested on our own properties, Mediavine helps its publishers earn many times more than other programmatic advertising solutions. 

But you don’t have to be a Mediavine publisher to reap the benefits of our thoughtfully designed technology solutions, like our award winning WordPress theme — Trellis — or Create.

Create by Mediavine® is designed for recipes, affiliate marketing lists, how-to guides, craft instructions and more. 

Create does…a lot.

It helps users produce content that…

  • Provides structured data to search engines
  • Creates additional opportunities for ad placement and affiliate links
  • Engages readers through a beautifully-designed card layout

The Recommended Products (List) feature in Create is an excellent tool for affiliate marketers. Lists allow publishers to curate a series of gorgeously laid-out links which can be internal – linking to posts or Create cards within your site – or external – linking to pages on other sites, like Amazon or any other affiliate platform you’re so inclined to share.

Whatever your niche, Create is your partner in creativity — and Mediavine is your partner in monetization. 

We look forward to meeting you at Affiliate Gathering next month.

Author – Mediavine