The real value behind Odys premium-aged domains



Anyone who does SEO or has built a six-figure business online understands the importance of a premium-aged domain. More importantly, most of these people understand the inherent complexity of finding and buying one. Obviously, you simply can’t sink your money into just about any aged domain which may appear to be ideally suited to your business. A lot more work goes into…too much for one article. 

Odys Global was built to make it quick and easy for anyone to find and buy a premium aged domain. Odys is a premium domain marketplace with handpicked domains from various industries. The domains included on the marketplace have great SEO value high rankings and were featured on the most prominent media outlets. So, yes, there is a great deal of value associated with them. 

Each domain on the marketplace has been well researched. Odys has checked their metrics and made sure they meet the minimum acceptable before being sold on the marketplace. If anything, this makes these domains invaluable for any SEO or SEM who knows their stuff. 

Odys domains are used by top SEO specialists and domain investors. Many people invest in aged domains instead of buying brand new ones, saving them time and money. Some even use these domains for quick wins, building winning websites that they later flip for up to 50x their original price. Professionals know that using these aged domains saves them from the legwork associated with finding each powerful domain from scratch. 

Anyone who browses through the marketplace will find that all the domains listed on Odys are highly brandable and have high SEO value, ready to be launched as online projects immediately. In other words, your business hits the ground running. 

What Sets Odys Apart from Other Domain Sellers? 

You probably already know that domain sellers are a dime a dozen. A simple Google search should reveal a total of three pages of them. However, the question is can you trust the domains they are selling? How do you know that real effort was put into making sure that these domains were fit for reuse, if not of premium quality at least?

Well, for starters, Odys is 100% transparent about each domain. The marketplace provides priceless information about the domain’s history, backlinks, traffic data, and how it can be monetized. In addition, members are also provided with branded assets like logo artwork in a couple of different formats. All of this is included in the price of the domain. 

Odys offers all of this information because they want you to have the ability to repurpose the domain and start making money quickly. 

Here are a few more features that set Odys Premium marketplace apart from all the other sellers: 

A premium marketplace – Odys Global is a closed access marketplace. What that means is that it isn’t open to everyone. People have to apply to become a member. So, they aren’t just interested in selling you a domain but want to make sure that you are the right person to use it. Furthermore, the content available on the marketplace is unique and can’t be found anywhere else; that’s why Odys considers only serious and motivated people should be able to view it. Odys’ goal is to be open to a small community of like-minded people. 

SEO value of Odys domains – Odys members, aren’t just buying a domain; they are saving time and money with it. Each domain uses a formula that tells how much this domain is worth. The formula factors in the domain age, authority links, traffic, and name value. As Odys’ members will attest, they get a lot more than the estimated value of the domain. If anything, they tell members that the sky is the limit when it comes to what these domains can help you achieve. Furthermore, they have excellent SEO value that’s easy to turn on and towards your existing business. Just make sure that there is relevance.

Excellent support – In addition to having the ability to buy a great domain with excellent SEO metrics, Odys members also enjoy unbeatable support and expertise. They have SEO experts that you can benefit from too. For instance, such topics like Crawling and indexing, Page and content optimization, Website promotion, and a few other things are covered.

They also cover things, like: 

Growth strategy – encompasses topics such as business idea validation, project monetization strategies, growth hacking, etc.

Technical help covers such topics as hosting setup, wordpress setup, 301 redirects, etc.; all of these are meant to help you get the most out of the domain. 

Odys Additional Services 

We know from experience that buying a domain is only the first step. Subsequent steps will involve building that domain into a powerhouse that makes you money, or you can flip for cash. That’s why Odys provide additional services to support that goal.

This premium-aged domain marketplace provides additional services such as content website packages that include original, professional content for the members’ websites. Similar to the quality of the domains, these aren’t written by cheap writers but seasoned specialists that know what they are doing. That’s why the content written is ready to be uploaded to your website as-is to start ranking. 

Furthermore, Odys members can have early access to unique domains. These domains are visible only to the pre-order clients, and they have the unique opportunity to buy them before anyone else. As always, this gives members a unique opportunity to get a leg up over the competition. However, because competition for these domains is fierce, as you’d imagine, our advice is to buy them as soon as they become available. 

Start Taking Advantage of Odys’ Premium Marketplace Today

Odys is more than just a marketplace; it’s a platform covering all aspects of building a successful and profitable website. Rather than looking for separate solutions on different platforms, Odys wraps all the solutions up into one marketplace package. The advantage is that you save time and even money in the long term. 

Odys has helped many businesses become successful by helping them choose the right domain. However, more than that, how the domain is built out could make or break its value. That’s why by providing core parts of building a successful domain, Odys is putting their members on the path of success, and most succeed!

All we suggest is that you take the initiative and start! Odys team has helped many people become successful, and many people continue to make money with aged domains. Click here to become a member, and feel the difference by joining Odys’ small community of experts who live and breathe premium aged domains.