Meet Nina Clapperton, a multi-6 figure travel blogger and the founder of “She Knows SEO.” After sharing tales of residing in over 12 countries in 10 years across all platforms and earning $0, she mastered SEO and escalated her blog to 50k sessions within 6 months. Within a mere 13 months, she was generating $30k per month passively. Now, Nina manages a portfolio of niche sites and aids over 3,500 students in expanding their blogs. She’s embarked on a mission to assist bloggers in achieving financial freedom through passive income from their hobby blogs.

Her journey began with a personal travel website, navigating through the blogging world, and attempting to conquer every social media platform, until she discovered SEO. However, the available information was generalized for blogs and lacked specific techniques for travel bloggers. This gap led Nina to devise her own strategies, propelling her blog to enjoy consistent monthly traffic and enabling her to earn while indulging in her passion.

Nina’s expertise is a beacon for those weary from waiting for their blog to take off, investing time in mastering every social media platform, and witnessing no results. “She Knows SEO” is not just a platform but a guide to setting up your blog for success, understanding the indispensability of SEO, and employing SEO to mint money.