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Part of our ethos at Affiliate Gathering is to encourage people to connect and share their experiences and knowledge with each other to create a strong community of affiliates, YouTubers and bloggers. We are going to be hosting some Affiliate Gathering Socials across the UK and invite you to also host your own! We are looking to have worldwide socials. If you would like to find out more on how to host your own please visit




    Charles is a Strategic Partner Manager at YouTube who manages tech, gaming and business creators. He’s a thought leader in the creator economy and his goal is to educate the public about the rise of the creator economy and its potential.

Meet the speakers


    CMO at Ezoic Tyler is an award-winning marketer that was featured on the cover of the September 15′ STL Biz Journal for his unique approaches to digital marketing and was included in the publications 30 Under 30 the same year.


    Carolyn Shelby was the co-founder of an Internet Service Provider in 1994, when the web was very new and there were few businesses with sites. After a successful exit, she worked for the Tribune Company as the Director of SEO for their daily newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, the LA Times, and the NY Daily…

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  • Schedule announced! 📣 

    Schedule announced! 📣 

    Less than 3 months to go! With most of the fringe events almost SOLD OUT and tickets limited to the main event if you have been sitting on the fence now is the time to check out the timings and details of all the workshops and speeches going on throughout the day and get yourself booked…

  • An Awesome London Social

    An Awesome London Social

    Great to meet you London! See you again soon. Our first small social event.

  • AG Goes INTERNATIONAL! 🛫 + Networking Zone AG23

    AG Goes INTERNATIONAL! 🛫 + Networking Zone AG23

    Now more than ever I think we really need to be networking, the affiliate space is constantly changing and if we don’t connect and share you could get left behind. I am really excited to announce a new space at our Affiliate Gathering 2023 dedicated to networking and is sponsored by Host Armada. Host Armada…

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