ODYS Global – Headline Sponsor for Affiliate Gathering Expo 2022



We are really excited to announce that ODYS www.odys.global are our Main Sponsor for the Affiliate Gathering Expo 2022. You may or may not know I have recently been doing a case study on ODYS testing out their services mainly the use of their Premium aged domains and how they can fast-track a website and skip the google sandbox (with some great results!). To see more on my case study check out my videos here – https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUJj1ZRMecGa0Cj7BR7wM7FjRV5l1117S

We have spent a few months in discussions with a few companies about the headline sponsorship and we thought that the ODYS company and its values are well aligned with ours and we really look forward to working with them more and they are looking forward to getting to know the affiliate community more too.

For more information about ODYS please visit – https://odys.global/

Tickets for the Expo – https://affiliategathering.com/expo-2022/tickets/