Where can I park – Arriving by Car

There is very limited parking at the hotel so we suggest parking at the train station right next door, you can park there overnight also if you need to price is around £17.50 for a full 24 hours, use postcode YO24 1AB.

Arriving by Train

The hotel is next door to the train station and there is a entry door at the rear of the hotel you can come through.

Arriving by plane

The closest airport to us is Leeds Bradford however there isn’t great public transport from the airport to York so you may need to get a taxi which would be around £40 or Manchester is a 1.5 hour train journey away from York.

Where can I eat?

There will be no food available at the affiliate gathering 2023 event but there are plenty of establishments close by and in the hotel itself. There are coffee shops and a small supermarket in the train station where you can pick up a quick bite to eat or a bar serving bar food in the hotel if you are looking for a sit down meal. We suggest picking something up in the morning to bring with you if possible.

Where can I stay?

There are many hotels in the area check out our guide HERE

Where can I go after the event?

There is an official after-party venue which details are in the event brochure. Food and drink is not provided.

Is there disabled access at the Venue?

Yes, Oak Room Access (exhibitors hall and meet and greet) -Disabled access is located at the train station entrance.

Events Centre (Main Speakers hall and Bar) Access – Disabled access via the main lift from reception or via the sliding doors entrance from the hotel car park.

Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?

Yes of course, please inform us of there name and email so we can update the ticket and they will get the appropriate named lanyard and event updates. This can only be done at least 1 week before the event.

Can I get a refund for my ticket?

No, tickets, as stated, are non-refundable however you can transfer it to someone.

Can I watch online live?

No, we are not live streaming the event in 2023 however the recordings of all speakers and workshops will be available to buy after the event. Ticket purchasers will get access to these videos as part of their ticket purchase.

How do I get help at the event?

The Affiliate Gathering team will be around the event at all times and will be clearly spottable with a printed t-shirt, please do ask for help if needed.

Will there be photos and videos happening on the day?

Yes, we will have people taking photos and videoing throughout the day some may be used for promotional purposes after the event as was informed to you on the ticket purchase information, we will also be doing some live streaming on social media where we chat with people. You will be asked in advance if you are happy to chat with us on our stream about the event. 

What is your Admissions & Eviction Policy?

Please visit – /admissions-eviction-policy/