Ezoic Introduces Levels



During Ezoic’s New Year Evolution event that took place in January, the company released one of its newer features, Ezoic Levels.

Ezoic Levels was developed to help all customers maximize their potential and grow faster by leveraging the tools, education, resources, opportunities, and investments Ezoic offers, no matter the size of the website.

Ezoic Levels uses a publishers’ monthly visitors and revenue to place them in the appropriate category: Access Now, Levels 1-4, and VIP. Access Now is Ezoic’s educational program for websites with under 10,000 monthly visits, where publishers go through a series of courses to learn Ezoic best practices and learn how to use the platform to its full potential. Access Now is limited in its services and is not officially part of the Levels program. VIP has limited access and is for Ezoic’s largest sites, featuring unique resource and growth opportunities.

Before launching Levels, Ezoic served its different offerings and services to all sizes and types of publishers. However, there was no external communication about these particular benefits, so many publishers were unaware of all that was available to them and what goals they should set for their website. Most of these services were completed by Ezoic in the background internally until presently.

Now, with the introduction of Levels, publishers have more transparency about what they should be focused on in order to improve their website and ‘Level Up,” or move to the next level, through Site Scores. By completing specific optimization opportunities, publishers’ Site Scores will improve and they can earn a 5% boost towards their next level.

Ezoic offers expanded ad demand and additional ad partners as publishers move levels. As sites ‘Level Up,’ they have the potential to make more money. Ezoic is so confident that publishers will earn more using Ezoic than other forms of display ad monetization that they offer an additional 25% if Ezoic’s technology doesn’t out-perform other ad monetization methods.

In order to qualify for the next level, websites must reach both the revenue and monthly visit requirements. Optimization opportunities include both Ezoic and publishing best practices concerning revenue, user experience, SEO, site speed, and more. If publishers believe they should be in another level or are close to reaching the next level, there is an application process available in their Ezoic dashboard.

Ezoic wants its publishers to succeed and even offers coaching and classes within the Levels dashboard to help publishers move up levels faster.

To see the difference between Levels, check out the Ezoic Levels comparison page.