Ezoic Hosts New Year Evolution Event to Award Publishers



Ezoic is an all-in-one platform for digital publishers, offering tools for monetization, site speed, video, SEO, analytics, privacy, and more. Ezoic customers have access to the power of true AI when using Ezoic products, providing publishers’ websites with unprecedented revenue increases and better UX.

From December 2021 to January 2022, Ezoic hosted a month-long promotion called the New Year Evolution (NYE). NYE was an exciting way to announce unique products and celebrate publishers’ successes through a two-part awards ceremony.

One of the newest features that Ezoic slowly released during NYE was Site Scores. Within publishers’ Ezoic dashboards, under Monetization, there is a specific section called Levels that allows publishers of all sizes to get the best value from Ezoic products and services. Through the Levels dashboard, Ezoic publishers can access their Site Scores.

Site Scores focuses on monetization best practices and gives users an easy way to understand Ezoic’s Monetization setup, including tools and optimizations, ultimately resulting in more revenue. Site Scores was rolled out slowly over NYE until all publishers had access.

NYE also included publisher awards and recognitions. Pulling data from Ezoic’s robust analytics system, publishers were given various awards that celebrated different parts of website ownership; this includes earnings, video, SEO, site speed, content, and more. Recipients received swag, badges, and trophies.

Perhaps the most exciting part of NYE was the Publisher of the Year contest. Publishers were invited to apply and then selected based on various criteria. From there, finalists were voted on by the publishing community and a winner was chosen. Beyond accolades, the Publisher of the Year also received a cash prize.

After the winners were selected, Ezoic hosted two virtual events. The first event, held at two different convenient times to accommodate our publishers outside of the U.S., was an awards ceremony that recognized all awards winners. The event included a special presentation by Paul Bakaus, Google’s Head of Creator Relations, on “Becoming a Sustainable Creator”.

The second event was an opportunity for publishers to hear from Ezoic’s CMO, Tyler Bishop. Bishop reviewed all that happened during NYE, including Site Scores and reviewing the 2021 Publisher Award Ceremony winners.   In addition, he gave a brief overview of Ezoic’s 2022 roadmap and what will be focused on this year.

While more of the roadmap will be revealed over time, Bishop explained Ezoic’s plans to help publishers increase earnings; streamline multi-media production; empower richer development, design, and UX; and add sources of audiences and revenue in 2022. Bishop also responded to questions from attendees, answering everything from origin errors to expected EPMV averages for the year.

Ezoic is dedicated to helping website owners grow their online business and succeed as digital publishers. The platform offers everything a website needs to rank, gain traffic, and earn money. Ezoic has more exciting product launches and updated features approaching in 2022 that will make it easier for digital publishers to earn money and improve the overall experience of visitors.