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  • About Popcorn Theme A product overview from the lead developers

    Any niche website owner knows how important it is to have a fast, flexible, and fully featured WordPress theme. We designed the theme specifically for affiliate marketers, Popcorn Theme is a high-speed, high-converting, and money-making WordPress theme that lets you create stunning websites quickly and easily.

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  • Ten Minute Tea Breaks with Carl

    As we lead upto the big event on 19th May in York I will be having a few ten minute tea breaks with fellow Affiliate Gatherers, some who attended last year’s event and some of the speakers you can expect to see at AG23. Grab a brew and join me as I catch up with…

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  • Simple steps to becoming a video publisher

    Written By Ezoic As a digital publisher, implementing video content within your written content is becoming increasingly more important; according to research, ad spending is expected to show an annual growth rate of 10.97%, amounting to $210.20 billion in ad spending in the video advertising segment in 2023. If you’re unsure how to begin, there…

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  • New Speaker Added

    Join Jen to learn everything you need to know to bring Pinterest into your marketing toolkit. You’ll wonder why you’ve never tried Pinterest before!

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  • Ezoic Workshops Announced – BOOK NOW

    “Humix & Flickify – Using AI to Accelerate Your Video Strategy” This will be an interactive workshop with LIMITED spots available, due to the popularity of this workshop you will NEED TO BOOK your place.

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  • How important is security for an affiliate blog? 

    When you run an affiliate website, it’s important to make sure it’s safe and secure. This means protecting the information of both you and your readers and making sure that visitors trust your site.  

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  • Schedule announced! 📣 

    Less than 3 months to go! With most of the fringe events almost SOLD OUT and tickets limited to the main event if you have been sitting on the fence now is the time to check out the timings and details of all the workshops and speeches going on throughout the day and get yourself booked…

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  • An Awesome London Social

    Great to meet you London! See you again soon. Our first small social event.

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  • AG Goes INTERNATIONAL! 🛫 + Networking Zone AG23

    Now more than ever I think we really need to be networking, the affiliate space is constantly changing and if we don’t connect and share you could get left behind. I am really excited to announce a new space at our Affiliate Gathering 2023 dedicated to networking and is sponsored by Host Armada. Host Armada…

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  • Affiliate Socials Announced

    As we lead upto the big day in York (ONLY 16 WEEKS!) we thought it might be nice to have a couple of social get togethers, a few drinks, chats and relaxed evenings.

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