AG Goes INTERNATIONAL! 🛫 + Networking Zone AG23



Now more than ever I think we really need to be networking, the affiliate space is constantly changing and if we don’t connect and share you could get left behind. I am really excited to announce a new space at our Affiliate Gathering 2023 dedicated to networking and is sponsored by Host Armada. Host Armada offers a lot of services from basic hosting all the way up to dedicated servers.

We will host networking sessions throughout the day and we need your help to decide what subjects you would like to see covered during these sessions, so alongside the casual chats throughout the day you can join the conversation around a specific subject.

Check out my video below to find the poll and vote.

Lastly, we have decided to take some of the Affiliate Gathering Socials international! Starting with Copenhagen and Spain we can’t wait to get out their and widen our community even more. The socials are small gatherings where people can connect and network and are very casual. To book these or see our other socials in Manchester and London check out the link.