Workshops will run live between the speakers on the day of the Affiliate Gathering Expo 2022 in our dedicated workshop room, recordings will be available after the day for ticket holders if you do miss one or if they run over on the day. Space on the day is limited and will be first come first-served basis. Digital ticket holders will receive the recording of the workshops after the event.


Join Tyler from Ezoic as he presents this fantastic workshop at the Affiliate Gathering Expo 2022.

One of the greatest fallacies often discussed in affiliate circles is in regards to revenue streams is how to handle affiliate earnings, ads, and other offers. When you peel back the layers of data on any affiliate site, you'll see a lot of room for growth under the hood, but it might look different for every site. In this workshop, we'll show you examples of real sites with major uplifts in revenue that resulted from testing, adjusting, and segmenting how they monetise their traffic and site pages. You'll learn how to do this for any site and where to find the best bets for early success when trying this yourself.

Keyword Chef

Join Ben and learn how to find and identify low competition keywords using Keyword Chef. We'll discuss how to search for keywords, tricks for keyword research, how to assess competition, and how to determine if a keyword is worth writing about.


In this workshop, we will review Fiverr products, deep dive into trending freelance services in the marketplace, and share tips and best practices of how to promote digital services.

We will also share our strategic thinking about advanced marketing tools to catch your audience's eyes, and tips on how to create Fiverr content on a regular basis to provide you a steady stream of traffic.

Fiverr is an online freelance platform that connects businesses with on-demand freelance talent offering digital services. With over 500+ services on Fiverr, there’s a service fit for any audience - from marketing to design, to fresh content, editing, SEO, and 500+ more services online. Fiverr saw tremendous growth in 2020, as it helped businesses move from offline to online all across the globe.

In the last 12 months, across 160 countries, and in 7 languages - over 4.1 million people bought a Gig on Fiverr, so they could either start or grow their businesses. We believe that Fiverr freelancers offer services to fit everything a business needs - and if Fiverr has it, you as an affiliate - can earn from it.

Affiliate marketing with Fiverr stands for promoting products and services you love, and more than that - services that your audience cares about.

We understand that every affiliate’s business and each audience are different, so we offer different payouts - depending on which service you choose to promote. Our affiliates are the ones to decide how to earn - they choose which great service they promote, what is the right commission plan for them, and on which marketing tool to use in order to promote Fiverr.

We want it to be worthwhile to our affiliates to promote Fiverr, so we assure a commission payment for any first-time-buyer that our affiliates refer to Fiverr marketplace.

Join us in-person to watch live and interact, workshops will be recorded and sent after the event to both in-person and digital ticket holders .

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