Heather Tullos & Jenny Guy


Heather Tullos & Jenny Guy

Heather Tullos is the VP of Publisher Support at Mediavine, author of the food blog Sugar Dish Me and is the keeper of all the dogs. She's been optimizing sites since before Mediavine had health checks and works best with 94 tabs open.

As the Senior Director of Marketing, Jenny Guy loves using her past experience as the head of influencer and affiliate marketing, as well as her MFA in Acting and college teaching experience to represent the brand she adores: Mediavine. From hosting two video series, Teal Talk and Summer of Live, and the On Air podcast to overseeing Mediavine’s educational content output, Jenny is passionate about all things Mediavine and marketing. When not behind a laptop, you can find Jenny spending time with family, cooking and running a theatre company.

To find out more about Heather Tullos & Jenny Guy, check out their website.

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