After an incredible first Affiliate Gathering we have now released the early bird tickets for 2023 in York. Having already sold 15% of the tickets for 2023 early bird tickets are LIMITED. So if you want to join us next year get booked on now.


If you attended on Friday thank you so much for your support, the feedback has been incredible and we have lots of ideas to make 2023 even better taking on board some of your valued suggestions.

Videos are being edited and uploaded as we speak and will be available in the next week or so.

Digital ticket sales will close at 12pm Thursday 19th May

We have to pre-authorise everyone before the day and cannot register people on the day itself so if you are thinking of joining us digitally BOOK YOUR DIGITAL TICKET NOW -

We have a few a last-minute updates also as outlined by Carl in this video -

Tyler from Ezoic is no longer able to attend and we will be joined by John Cole the Ezoic Co-Founder instead.

Ricky will now be presenting his talk remotely as he has tested positive for covid and is not allowed to travel.

That's all for today I can't believe we are only 2 days away! Looking forward to meeting everyone.

We will be live streaming around the venue on the day and at the odd fringe event on our Youtube channel so make sure you subscribe and allow notifications to know when we are live.

Affiliate Gathering YouTube -

We are just 1 week away from the very first Affiliate Gathering Expo!

We have been busy packing goodie bags, printing lanyards and was super excited to see we have over 400 people booked onto the Affiliate Gathering Expo. There are still tickets available so there is still time to book on if you have not already. For those who have booked on here is some useful information.

In-Person Tickets - Please ensure you have your ticket on paper or on mobile ready when you arrive as they will be scanned, doors open at 9am and speakers start at 9.50am. 

Digital Tickets - You have been sent a link to pre-register for the webinar which will allow us to manually approve you to enter, this must be done to gain access. There will be a chat and Q&A tab available on the webinar too.

Both ticket holders will get access to the recordings of the speakers and workshops after the event.

We will be streaming live on occasion during the event on our Youtube channel HERE It is worth subscribing and allowing notifications so you know when this is happening. 

We have set up a FAQ section on the website HERE


I wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone that is making this happen and for everyone's support, to our sponsor Odys and to our amazing speakers who are joining us from all over the globe. I can't wait to meet everyone and chat shop!


With just 2 weeks to go and all other fringe events pretty much SOLD OUT I am super excited to announce an extra fringe event on 19th May 6pm - 8pm right in the heart of York and only a max of 9 minutes walk from all the other fringe events! A free social get together by Mediavine, make sure you book this early to secure your place to what is bound to be a great evening.


Staying in touch with the customer is an integral part of any business that wants to not just grow but as well understand its audience and their struggle. Odys Global is known to try and keep the connection with every single person that gets in touch with them. The company does a great deal of helping buying members in setting up their sites on our aged domains, tuning the backlinks up, and making sure that all the redirects work well among other things. If you visit Odys Global’s blog, you will notice quite a few success stories, too.

You can say that the company is always eager to share these stories with a broader audience. They are always about the people, who gave Odys a chance, and the benefit they got exceeded their expectations by far.

Meet Jamie, Yusuke, and Ben – three online entrepreneurs, who decided to give Odys domains a go. And they weren’t disappointed – quite the contrary.

Story #1: An SEM Agency Built Its Brand Using an Aged Domain

James is the founder of Straight Up Search, a search marketing agency with six employees and 15 clients in the UK. As he searched for any brandable websites that would enhance his business, he discovered the Odys Marketplace. 

The most appealing aspect of Odys had to be the quality and variety of domains on offer. When Jamie found a brandable domain that matched his search criteria, he purchased it, which turned out to be an excellent investment for his brand.

Jamie strongly believes that this is a pretty strong case for building an SEO-driven site on an aged domain. The domain is treated very favourably by Google, even in its early days.

For now, Jamie is basically trying to push the site as far as he can and get it ranked properly for the targeted keywords. He’s really looking forward to building out the client base and developing a strong portfolio of sites. Read this post for more information about his case study.

Story #2: Using the Power of Aged Domains to Build a Website

Yusuke Kohara has been doing SEO for around 7 years and runs a couple of niche websites as a side hustle. Through the SEO community, he discovered Odys and decided to give it a try, buying the first aged domain. 

On top of that, he trusted Odys and followed their advice regarding rebuilding the old pages of the domain and implementing their recommendations regarding monetization. After that, he just kept publishing lots of content consistently. Now, his website gets around 2,000 daily visitors and makes over $8000 a month.

Aged domains saved him a lot of money he would have had to spend on link building: "Did I ever build a link?". No, I did not. I just used the power of Odys’s domain with high quality, high authority, and niche relevant backlinks profiles to outrank my competitors!”

His story clearly shows that Odys domains are profitable investments. Read more details here.

Story #3: Selling a Website Built on an Aged Domain for $100K

From early on, Ben realized that starting with a new domain was extremely hard and it would take too long to grow. “Starting on a new domain is actually setting yourself up to fail” he said. This was when he discovered Odys and that’s how his story started.

“When I bought my first domain, I was inexperienced and didn’t know what I was doing. I initially thought the domain was bad. The CEO of Odys, Alex Drew, told me, ‘No it’s not, you need to do this instead.’ I bothered the heck out of him with newbie style questions and still no matter how many questions I asked, Odys was always there to guide me. This domain is now my most profitable one.”

After buying from Odys, Ben realized that scaling his websites took 25% of the time that it would have taken him to do so with a brand new domain. So he started expanding his business. “Right now, I have 18 or 19 people working for me. 5 of them are full time. It takes a lot of work.” 

He said that he was still getting started and about to buy many more domains in the future.

“I actually sold my business on my birthday. January 26th. It’s funny too, well actually insanely wreckless, I quit my job I had on the same day I sold my website. But I actually quit before knowing my business would ever even sell. Four hours after I got off work, i had a voicemail saying my site had sold at full list price of $103k”


As they put it at Odys Global, their domains mean business. This is a bold statement and the stories described above show that it’s true. The Odys Marketplace is full of brandable, premium aged domains in who-knows-how-many niches. And they sell like hotcakes.

Request access to the marketplace to browse Odys Global’s aged domain inventory.

We have now opened pre-registration for the Digital Ticket holders, if you have already booked you should have had an email with the details or if you are about to book you will also be given the details on how to register.

All digital ticket holders will be pre-authorised to join the private webinar on the day with the opportunity to chat in the chat room and to submit questions in a Q & A Section.

When the speakers are not on stage you can watch live streams from the event through our Youtube Channel HERE

We suggest you subscribe and click on notifications to the channel then you will be notified when we are live.

If you have not booked on already you can book at -

Written By: 
Sujan Sarkar
One Little Web

This article may contain sponsored tags and or affiliate links

Building high authority backlinks is one of the X-factors for ranking success, and it has never been so challenging as it is now.

The good news is that it is more evident now than ever.

One of the recent studies by Ahrefs found that there is a positive correlation between the number of referring domains a site has and the organic traffic it receives.

Source: Ahrefs Official Linkedin Page

But, the bad news is, with the “Link Spam Update”, Google is more vigilant than ever about the webmasters, who use black hat techniques to manipulate their SERP. 

That means, if you are not adhering to Google’s guidelines regarding backlinks, there are high chances that Google will not rank your page for the desired keywords no matter how strong your content is or how many backlinks you have.

Now, you may not be knowingly making these mistakes that are blocking your way to seeing a rank boost.

But, if you can avoid these 11 crucial link-building mistakes, you should expect to see some amazing results with your link-building efforts.

  1. Not Understanding The Competition: 

The core essence behind building backlinks is to outrank your competitors who are occupying the top ranks for your desired keywords.

But, often, we forget to look at the competition before starting our link-building drive.

It’s crucial to understand how authoritative your top competitors are before deciding whether you should build backlinks and aim to rank for a particular keyword with your content.

What to Do Instead:

You have to know about the top 20% backlinks of your competitor to get an idea of how many niche-relevant, in-content, do-follow backlinks you must obtain from highly authoritative sites.

For example, if your website has content on the best hiking shoes, and you want to secure the top rank, you need to know how many backlinks the top competitors have.

We can see that the page on the top position for the keyword has 1286 backlinks. Pretty overwhelming, right?

But, as I mentioned, not all these backlinks are contributing to the link value of this page.

Filtering the Top 20% Competitor Backlinks: So, let’s filter the top 20% backlinks this page has with some basic characteristics of a good quality referring domain-

a. One link per domain: Multiple backlinks from the same referring domains do not make any difference to the link value.
b. Do-follow backlinks: Only do-follow backlinks pass link value. 

c. In-content backlinks: Backlinks that came from within the content, because Google only pays attention to those outgoing links that have been cited within the content

d. Domain Organic Traffic: Referring domains that receive a bare minimum of 1000+ organic traffic from Google

As you can see, only 13 out of 1286 backlinks are contributing to the link value of this particular page.

So, if you can obtain more than 13 backlinks of the same quality, your page will be considered more authoritative than this one.

You should also keep in mind the number of good quality backlinks that are pointed to the homepage to take your domain’s authority to that level.

If you apply the same filter to the homepage backlinks, the number you would see should be the number of backlinks to obtain for the same level of domain authority.

So, you can use Ahrefs site explorer and put the URL of that particular page that’s ranking top for a particular keyword. Then you go to the backlink section to find the number of high quality, do-follow, in-content backlinks for that particular page.

So, if you have content that delivers more value than the top-ranking content, all you would need is (37+13) 50 in-content, do-follow backlinks from niche relevant referring domains that receive 1000+ monthly organic traffic.

  1. Backlinks from Redundant Content:

A common issue that happens when you build links at scale - you’re getting links from some very high-quality websites but there’s still no improvement in your ranking. 

Do you wonder why?

One of the reasons could be the content linking to your page doesn’t fulfill the search intent of readers.

Since the content, on which your website is being linked, is not delivering any value to the readers, your website will not receive any additional link benefit.

Now, you have to accept the reality here. Not every website you will get backlinks from has content that will be a matching fit for your target audience.

What to Do Instead:

It will be always wiser to create an informative, value-driven guest post that serves the readers’ intent so that the readers can get some valuable information after reading the content.

In case you find it difficult to come up with unique guest post ideas for the backlinks, use some of the ideas from the article about creating content for guest post backlinks

  1. Getting Links without Delivering Value:

This is one of the key reasons you may never rank on Google.

No matter how good your referring domains are, you will not receive link juice if your audiences leave the page you secured the backlink from without getting any additional value.

Besides, no webmaster will provide backlinks to a website or page that lacks quality and doesn’t provide value to its readers. So, you need to make sure you’re delivering value to your audiences with the content you are getting the backlink for.

What to Do Instead:

The target URL from your website has to contain information that might be valuable for them, the kind of page that talks more about them and less about you.

If your website lacks quality content, make sure to do proper keyword research and create content that your readers love to read. 

If you don’t know how to do this, read this guide about creating high-quality content for your website.

  1. Considering DA/DR as the Only Sign of Authoritativeness:

Backlinks work more like a vote of approval from trusted or authoritative sites in a particular niche.

Now as important as it is to make sure you are obtaining backlinks from relevant sites, it is also very important to make sure that your referring domains are also trusted by Google.

Google sends traffic to a website it trusts. Meaning that if you can obtain in-content do-follow backlinks from niche-relevant sites that receive organic traffic from Google, you will be rewarded with link value that will help you to rank higher on Google.

What to Do Instead:

So, whenever you see a particular website with high domain authority but low organic traffic, you need to check the prospective domain before you pitch the webmaster for guest posts.

Otherwise, you may end up wasting effort on backlinks that will not help you rank higher, and in some extreme cases get you penalized.

Because the kind of sites that have high domain authority but surprisingly low organic traffic are usually PBNs or link farms. 

So, don’t forget to evaluate the quality of the domain before you get a backlink from it.

  1. Obtaining Backlinks from Irrelevant Sites:

Here’s where most people make mistakes when they build links for their websites.

Imagine, you have a beauty blog but you secured backlinks from a site that talks about electronic appliances. Do you think you can get any value from that backlink?

Certainly not.

While there are high chances webmasters from those sites will not link to your site, you can still end up getting backlinks from a website that’s not relevant to your niche.

What to Do Instead: To gain authority, it’s highly recommended that you obtain backlinks from websites that have certain dominance in your niche. 

So, it is very essential to make sure you get backlinks from a website that’s relevant to your business.

  1. Obtaining Backlinks from PBNs and Link-Farms:

PBN or private blog network is a network of websites that are used to build links for a central website in order to manipulate search engine rankings.

Even a few years ago, PBNs or private blog networks were quite popular among link builders who were looking for some shortcuts to link building.

The reason?

This network of expired domains can provide some link juice to your site, thus helping you to rank quickly on the SERP. 

However, you should know that websites like these have long been on Google’s hit list. You will be highly penalized by the search giant if you get caught.

Webmasters are getting smarter day by day, meaning that you may be getting your backlinks from such notorious websites without even knowing.

What to Do Instead:

You have to be very vigilant while prospecting domains and look for signs that tell you that this site is selling backlinks, which is strictly against Google's link-building guidelines.

If you don’t want to ruin your domain reputation and lose ranks, it’s highly recommended that you identify the PBNs before you get links from them.

  1. Careless Anchor Text Placement:

Does your anchor text within content sound like a natural inclusion?

Or the webmaster forcefully included the anchor text within the preset content, because you offered them something they liked?

If it is true for a number of your backlinks, you know it will not be hard for Google to identify you are trying to manipulate your SERP with unethical link building.

What to Do Instead:

You have to place your anchor text within the content in a manner that looks like a natural inclusion.

In order to achieve that, you have to dedicate a part of your content to form a build-up, so that when you put the anchor text, it does not look like you forcefully included the text just to earn a backlink.

Placing the anchor text will be one of the key elements for Google to determine if you should get the link juice. 

  1. Not Diversifying the Anchor Text Profile:

Google hates unnatural links, and one easy way to make your link profile look unnatural is by using the same anchor texts repetitively for all your backlinks.

                                   Image Credit: Google Search Central

This develops a pattern that becomes very easy for Google to detect. As a result, many SEO practices do not get the expected results even after obtaining backlinks from powerful sites.

What to Do Instead:

Instead of using the same keyword-specific anchor texts, you should create a natural mix of the following:

a) Branded keyword
b) Partial Match Keyword
c) Exact Match Keyword
d) Naked URL
e) Generic text

This will make your backlink profile look natural and help you earn more trust from Google.

  1. Not Removing The Toxic Links:

I am sure you know the consequences of getting backlinks from spammy PBNs or link farms.

But, did you ever notice if you already have such backlinks?

If not, then you may not be far away from getting brutally penalized by Google.

The reason behind the Link Spam update was simple - encouraging you to remove toxic backlinks from your site and ensure a good backlink profile. 

What to Do Instead:

In case you don’t want to harm your search engine’s ranking, there’s still time. Analyze your backlinks, and get rid of the toxic ones.

How to do it?

There are tools like SEMrush that can help you do the analysis of backlinks. You can then use Google’s Disavow Tool to remove unwanted links.

  1. Building Backlinks Too Early:

Google hates the idea that webmasters will use unethical ways to manipulate their site’s rank.

And, when a new site or fresh content starts getting backlinks very frequently, it draws Google’s attention to the content or the website to see if the content is truly worth the backlinks.

Because a brand new site is not expected to receive a ton of backlinks to one of its fresh contents unless it is something really unique or revolutionary.

What to Do Instead:

1. If it is a brand new site, channel your link-building effort to content creation by publishing as much high-quality and value-driven content as possible.

2. If it is fresh content, please wait for a month or until the content gets indexed and starts receiving some traffic through social shares

3. When content is shared across social media, it earns social proof that justifies earning backlinks. So, before obtaining a few backlinks, please make sure your brand new content is shared a couple of times across different social media.

  1. Building Links from Homepage Only:

If you are thinking that backlinks from the footer or sidebar of the referring domain homepages are going to make your backlink profile stronger, you are wrong.


Even a few years ago, it was a popular practice and considered safe. However, Google now considers it a bad practice and you need to start obtaining in-content backlinks if you want to be on the safe side.

But, now Google only cares about backlinks that you get from within the content. Those backlinks stand as a point of reference for your authority in your niche.

And, if the link isn’t placed within the content, it likely won’t get any link juice. 

What to Do Instead:

If you really want to get some link juice and attract relevant traffic to your site, start building in-content backlinks that are placed naturally within the content.

In this way, your link profile will look natural to Google and you will be able to avoid some penalties.

Final Thoughts

As time passes, lots of changes evolve around the link-building process. 

What worked successfully yesterday may not work today. That’s why it’s crucial to stay updated and follow the best link-building practices approved by Google.

However, if you need professional help, you can surely consider OneLittleWeb’s link-building services. We have tested them, and they exceeded our expectations. 

The best aspect of their work is they would manually outreach for you and let you approve or reject each prospected domain before each link goes live. This way, you will always be in control. 

You can get started with a special offer, “Buy 1 DA50+ Backlink, Get 1 DA40+ Backlink FREE” that is currently going on their site.

With under a month to go (eek!) ticket sales have really started to pick up, I am really excited to meet you all and to hear some of our amazing speakers on the day.

If you have not booked your tickets SPACE IS LIMITED so if you plan to join us in person BOOK YOUR TICKET NOW!

If you cannot make it in person please do join us digitally where you can watch the live event online, watch back the recordings and be able to ask questions to the Q & A Panel.

23 DAYS TO GO!!!!!

Written by Ezoic

SEO is one of the most important parts of running a successful website. However, it is also one of the most difficult aspects--it’s always been a moving target and publishers are often not privy to what exactly goes into the search algorithm.

A vital part of SEO is title tags and descriptions. These are what show up in search results and what users ultimately will use to decide to click on your article or not. Ensuring that these are optimized is critical to important metrics.

Testing title tags is important because it is often the first impression a user has to a website and can greatly increase CTR (click-through rate). Indexed titles are a contextual ranking factor, which means search engines will rank titles with relevant content higher than titles that have mismatched content.

Ezoic has a groundbreaking, exclusive tool that helps publishers decide the best tags for their website. This tool looks at real data acquired from pages indexed in Google and then uses that information to provide the best tags to users using artificial intelligence. The tool, formally called SEO Tag Tester, has helped many publishers make data-driven decisions about their content.

Recently, Ezoic has rolled out an update for SEO Tag Tester and improved its functionality. Ezoic customers that have used the tool before will notice an updated frontend, but there is another important improvement as well. Customers who use SEO Tag Tester will now also be able to test descriptions in addition to titles.

The way SEO Tag Tester works is that a publisher can create experiments. Within those experiments, there are multiple trials with different titles and descriptions to see which combination provides the best metrics. Publishers can create groups to organize the experiments and choose from popular pages, search by URL, or import pages from a CSV.

Testing takes a week to two weeks to fully complete but once it is completed, SEO Tag Tester will show which title and description performs the best average search result ranking in Google Search. The test is literally comparing the page titles with countless other page titles across a multitude of other websites on the internet, determining which titles and descriptions combinations work best. Simply adjusting your page titles could lead to a significant boost in search engine rankings. 

Once the test is completed, you can see results for each trial and a breakdown of the test, including best scoring title, average pageviews per visit, average ranking, bounce rate, and click-through rate. From there, you can decide whether you want the original title and description to show or if you would like the one with the best metrics to show.

Sites must be fully integrated with Ezoic and have Google Search Console authorized in your Ezoic dashboard in order to use SEO Tag Tester. However, from there, it is very easy. Simply start a New Test Group, add pages of your website to test, and click Add to run a test for those pages.

To try Ezoic’s SEO Tag Tester, ensure you go to the website and click Get Started in the upper right hand corner to get an account started.

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